Sunday, 19 August 2012


Ive been at SL for about 6 months now and theres talk of a BAFTA nomination for our work wich would look very cool on the CV, Im learning how to drive (got my 4th lesson in 2 hours) and Im still going to the gym wich is a small miracle in itself, Im also looking to start learning how to snowboard..

Take care

Sunday, 29 April 2012

wow that was a busy week, got alot done and that the main thing..

catch you guys later

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Almost a month

Its been almost a month since I moved here, Studio Liddell is fun but busy.. with a capital B, fun though..

saint paddys day today.. was gonna go out but want to get back into the gym tomorrow and being hung over on a tred mill would be horrid

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Moving days almost here


Found myself a place to live in Manchester, just need to get things packed tonight, my last day at Ubisoft tomorrow then them heading to manchester on thursday. Starting work at studio liddell on monday 27th..

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Update I guess...

well whats there to say.. let me think, I graduated Animation Mentor back in early 2009, I landed my first animation job at Rebellion Developers famous for the old school AVP games.. After this I took a job at Blitz Games Studios in Leamington Spa, worked on a few games inc The Biggest Looser 2, Paws and Claws Fantastic Pets and Puss in Boot...

Then I landed a job at realtime:uk up north near Blackpool, I spent 5 months there working contract, the work was great fun and helped me understand where I wanted to focus myself and my career, I also lived with a pair of hippies with was such a laugh :)

After realtime:uk I got a job at Ubisoft working on a few of there AAA titles, it was good fun and met a lot of very interesting guys, as it stands right now however Ive handed in my notice and I'm off to Manchester to work on a TV series for the BBC..

What will happen while I'm there I don't know but it will be an interesting year that's for sure.. especially if the whole 2012 myth kicks off..


Animation Reel 2011

My 2011 animation reel, Im gonna try keep this blog up to date.. well post more then once a year :)